The Micro-Impacts of a 20-Something

Turkey Thursday

If there is one thing that brings people together, it is food. There is something magical about how something so simple and primal about a bowl of mashed potatoes can be the bridge between two people. It weaves a community together. NRHH’s Turkey Thursday program was no different – except it was now in its fourth year, so we had some expectations to live up to, and we had 1/4 of the budget from the year before. On top of that, I had never cooked a turkey – let alone hosted a dinner party – but somehow I became the lead. (Ok, ok – I’m almost always the lead on these things – I just kinda-sotra happens). Needless to say, I was overwhelmed from the beginning, but knew that with the help of my peers, it could be done.


The Problem: Living in a continuing operation, non-traditional residence hall, not all people can and do leave to spend this holiday with their family. Others, like international students don’t know about these traditions. Some of the residents living on campus don’t have kitchens in their rooms. Others might not be able to afford to have a large variety of items often seen at Thanksgiving dinners. Seeing these challenges, and more

The Assets: We knew a lot of people were  knowledge about cooking, and were planning on having a small gathering with the few friends they knew. We also knew of other people who did not have a place to go, but people wanting a place to go – so we made sure to reach out to them. Further, we had a place to both cook and serve the food in a central location.

The Solution: We cooked $200 worth of food and reached out to the community for help. In total, we got an outpouring of food, drinks, and volunteers at this event. It was so wonderful to see. We received 3 donated turkeys, numerous hours of cooking, pans, dishes, drinks. We asked and the community came together to provide what was needed. The first Turkey went in at 4am. 4am people! This is how much we love the residents that live here.


The outpouring of love was inspirational. People from all over campus contributed food like pies, mashed potatoes, stuffing – most made from scratch, all made with love.


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