The Micro-Impacts of a 20-Something


Life as an AmeriCorps VISTA has brought me back where my journey here in Oregon began – Roseburg, OR. With it’s sweet, simple, rural charm Roseburg will be my home again for one more year.


Photo Credit: Richard Haley

Photo Credit: Richard Haley

My job at NeighborWorks Umpqua has been really interesting so far. The organization I work for has so much passion for helping those in need that it helps keeps me motivated, even on these dreary, cloudy winter days. I juggle two vastly different jobs: Resident Services and Projects Organizer for the Umpqua Local Goods store.

With the Umpqua Local Goods store, I do a lot of back of house work – reach out to new vendors, check compliance for the community kitchen, organize community events (like the Holiday Block Party). It is really exciting to work with so many passionate people who are focused on local foods, local buying and really getting aboard the local movement.

I also help with Resident Services, a section of the company that helps bring services and information to the residents living in our 17 properties. It’s somewhat like being an RA for those 17 properties, so my experience there has come in handy. I understand how residents will react and can anticipate their needs more than if I had gone into it blind. For the holidays, I was charged with organizing the annual Holiday Giving program. Where baskets of food are delivered to every resident at each of the properties. Thats over 400 bags full of food! It was fun to see it all come together and the happy faces of the residents when they got their bags.

Overall, its been a pretty enriching experience. I get to see the inside of a nonprofit and understand how they function a little more. I’ve gotten to dabble in some grant writing (which I have come to find I LOVE) and bounced all over helping with projects as much as I can.  I look forward to what else this term of service has for me . . . hopefully more grants!


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