The Micro-Impacts of a 20-Something

Elevator Speech

Hi Friends,

I am Kristyn. A 20-something trying to make a difference. In my ever-changing-media-filled-always-distracted audience, I make a difference through what I call “micro-impacts.” These are the seeds, planted daily with attentions towards the little things people can do. Real, tangible, differences in a person’s everyday life are what I’m about.

I am a milti-tsking fiend. I love to be involved, and contribute anywhere I can. Although I am results driven, I am moved by people. I am inspired by the tenacity and heart the can be found when people trust one another.

I am about building trust, where someone was once untrusting. I am about building friendships, where someone was once alone. I am about community, where there was once distance. I am about healing, where there was once pain.

I do these things, and empower others to do the same, through personal interactions, advocacy, and institutional changes.

I wasn’t always this way. I used to feel confused, lost, and perplexed by the simplest things in life. I was brought up in a consumer culture and understood a person’s worth was their ability to wear brand-name clothing and how much cruelty you can inflict socially on another human. I didn’t have the heart to be cruel to others, so they were cruel to me. This led to some pain. Which led to some self-destruction. Which led to more pain. And the vicious cycle began. At 22 I decided to change my life around, and have been trying to help others, as others have helped me ever since.

This is me helping. This is me making micro-impacts.


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