The Micro-Impacts of a 20-Something

Inspirational Books

You are, Therefore I am: A Declaration of Interdependence – Satish Kumar

peace SK

This book was one of four required readings for a Spiritual Leadership class I took in Spring 2012. Initially, I had reservations about reading it. I didn’t understand why anyone would declare interdependence. But, I quickly found this book to be deeply moving and brought a whole new dimension to my own understanding about my place in this world, as well as the communities I engage with.


The Courage to Teach: Exploring the Inner Landscape of a Teacher’s Life Parker Palmer

Courage footprint

This book was another of the four assigned readings for the Spiritual Leadership class I took in Spring 2012. It was only after reading this book, and then a Teaching Assistant the following year, that I began to understand my budding pasion for teaching. The words in this book are both insightful and gives light to both the ego and self doubt that plagues many of us. I have based both my Residential Community development and teaching model on the “Subject Centered” learning discussed by Parker with great success.


Lean InSheryl Sandberg


Sheryl has undoubtedly won my heart, inspired me to do better, and LEAN IN. As a woman, about to embark into the working world. Before her book came out, I would share her Barnard Commencement Speech with my fellow women leaders – especially when they needed some extra motivation to keep up the hard work. Reading her book is exactly what I needed to hear, when I needed to hear it. Love it or hate it – it starts some great and powerful conversations about women in the workplace; conversations that need to be had.




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